Thursday, November 12, 2015

An exciting week for Cognilyze

What a week at Cognilyze!

We started out getting our official approval for a grant from the Israeli Chief Scientist, as well as closing with the second angel investor in our seed round of investment.

Mid-week we met with folks from the biggest e-commerce site in the world. No, not the one you're thinking of, the one we met with is even bigger, and starts with the same letter. The folks we met with are interested in trying out our technology on their site, and we'll move forward with that when they get home to China. We also got interest this week from sites in U.K., Germany and Israel.

So now it's full steam ahead to close on office space and open the Cognilyze world headquarters. We're also planning a trip to London and New York, the week after next, to meet with investors and strategic partners. (Contact us to arrange a meeting in either city.)

Then, in January, after the worldwide holiday season has passed, we have several e-commerce sites in line to try out our technology.

Cognilyze is rolling! Stay tuned for more news!

Have a great weekend and Shabbat Shalom everyone!