Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Gaining recognition

Gaining recognition in

Already with our first product almost out the door, our innovative approach to product recommendation caught the eye of Jeanette McMurtry a Psychology-based marketing consultant and a leading blogger at Target Magazine who featured us in her recent article entitles "Does your Brand have ESP?". 

McMurtry quotes our CMO, Ari Ginsberg as saying: “By taking a very different approach to big data and sales, we can show consumers products they did not even know they wanted or needed, and generate sales retailers would have otherwise have missed out on,” says Ginsberg. “We do this by assigning an emotional value to a product, not a person.” She further concludes that "this approach is so effective at generating valid incremental sales it could be disruptive to the entire big data industry."

Click the link to read the article in Target Magazine