Thursday, June 11, 2015

Who we are part 3: CMO Ari Ginsberg

It only makes sense to be the last founder to post my bio. Following the idea and the technology, it is now time for marketing. 

Since receiving an MBA in International Marketing, I have spent the last 20+ years building and managing my own company in the world of marketable databases. Identifying new online and offline innovative target markets for marketers, large and small, I have increased market share and created new revenue sources for companies like. AMEX, AOL, Dell. Herbalife and more. 

In 2005, I have partnered with R&R and Dataline to introduce Big Data to such markets as the TV Infomercial market and Online Retailers. We created a platform that would allow them to obtain 3rd party information about their individual buyers and up/cross sell them effectively.

As the CMO of Cognilyze, I am utilizing my network of retailers and reaching out to past and current connections to secure design partners, Beta testers and future users of our recommendation tool. I am also fine-tuning and refining our marketing materials carrying our vision and our solution’s competitive advantages to the E-commerce market through all marketing channels.