Sunday, November 13, 2016

Telling Customers Why Products are Recommended

Anyone browsing at on-line stores these days sees recommendation bars such as these:

Recommendations such as these used to come with headlines like "recommended for you," but the industry discovered that customers want to know why these products are being recommended, and moved to headlines like "customers who bought this item also bought" and "popular items from your favorite categories." These headlines make it clear why the recommended products are being shown.

But what if the system knew why the customer would want the recommended products? What if the headlines could really cut to the chase, and tell the customer precisely why he will (or may) like the recommended products.

Cognilyze is the first personalization system that understands the why underlying each customer's shopping. The Cognilyze engine understands the motivations and preferences that relate to each product, and analyzes which motivations and preferences are the most likely explanation of each customer's shopping.

The results are outstanding. Customers clicked on product recommendations 3.5x more when those recommendations were shown with headlines that connected with the customer's interests. Customers liked that the system understood them, and were attracted to recommendations that reflected this understanding. And this interest paid off - Cognilyze delivered 14% better conversion when psychology-based headlines were used.

Other product recommendation systems, all of which are based on statistical approaches, cannot generate tag lines such as these because they do not use any explicit motivations or preferences in generating their recommendations. Only a psychological approach such as Cognilyze has the basis for tag lines such as these.

This ability to select promotional lines of text based on the customer's psychology is also useful for the subjects of promotional e-mails, SMS or mobile promotions, call center scripts, and much more.

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