Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Launching the Cognilyze blog

Welcome to the Cognilyze blog!

Cognilyze is a new start-up company with very innovative technology for e-commerce product recommendation and customer profiling. Our technology takes a completely different approach than the existing systems on the market. They recommend products by comparing you to millions of other customers. We recommend products by understanding your interests and motivations.

But more on this later.

We've been working quietly for the past half year to develop our core technology and prove that it works. The results have amazed even us.

If you're interested in e-commerce, product recommendation, customer profiling, or just following innovative new start-ups, follow us on this blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Google+. We'll write more soon on the brand new approach our technology takes and why it matters.

You can also be in touch with us at info@cognilyze.com. We're based in Israel, the start-up nation, and are happy to meet you anytime.